South African citrus exports to the EU have grown steadily over the past 10 years.
This growth trend has continued despite the presence of citrus black spot (CBS) in parts of South Africa.
South African citrus exports more than tripled to almost R7 billion in 2016 from under R2 billion in 2007.
Exports to the EU accounted for 40% of all South African citrus exports in 2016.
The trade balance in citrus fruit weighs heavily in favour of South Africa.
In 2016, EU fruit imports into South Africa represented only 0.4% of the South African exports to the EU.
Exports to the EU contribute to the transformation of the citrus sector in South Africa by creating new opportunities for emerging and previously disadvantaged growers.
The EU has committed to provide development cooperation funding to support small and medium enterprises, including in the agro-food sector, as from 2017.