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  SADC-EU EPA: Protocol 1 on the Rules of Origin
SADC-EU EPA: Protocol 1 on the Rules of Origin


EPA rules of origin allow for extended cumulation that can facilitate intra-regional trade and industrialisation

Cumulation allows materials and inputs from certain other countries to be considered as if they were already originating from South Africa when used in the manufacture of another product. These cumulation provisions allow manufacturers to source materials not readily available in the country, while still ensuring that the final product enjoys preferential access to the EU.

In addition to allowing cumulation between South Africa, the EU and other parties to the agreement, cumulation is also allowed under certain conditions with all ACP countries, as well as with materials from other countries that may enter the EU duty-free.  

Examples of sectors that could benefit from the more flexible rules of origin include clothing and textiles, automobile sector and fisheries.

Guide to the Protocol on rules of origin of the Economic Partnership Agreement (PDF, 400KB)